Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is the second of the series of all things Rory. 'Rory's Sports' ( was first, but with a little luck - 'Rory's Sports' will be great also. Maybe even there will be more of the fanchise to come, but for now enjoy.

I have a history of jokes, indeed I would say that it is almost a skill of mine. I am always on the lookout for great jokes and have the ability to memorise large numbers of jokes. Sometimes I even have been known to make up jokes of my own.

All of the jokes that are on this site will have been vetted by myself so I ensure you that they are funny. My jokes are made to be told so even though they may not read that funny - with the right delivery - they are.

Telling jokes is an art and one that needs to be practiced. Often I have gone to sleep thinking of how I can best phrase the punch line. One needs to work out what works and how to best present the joke. However it also helps to have funny jokes - and that is why Rory's jokes is here.

If one would want to get into contact with me to share any jokes or anything. Please please do - I cannot guarantee that they will get onto the blog, but if they are funny then they will.

apart from that - please enjoy

Lots of Love


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